Little Acorn Christian Spiritualist Centre

The Centre was founded in 2000 by local Mediums Patricia Turner and Andrew Tannock and has been enthusiastically supported by members of all ages and like minds since.

The main event is the Sunday Service which starts at 6.45 pm and ends about 8 pm. There are now over 80 Mediums serving the Centre, which means a different one each week.

After introductions the service starts with the singing of a Hymn, followed by the Opening Prayer given by the Medium. The Lord's Prayer is then said by all which leads intpa brief meditation for Healing, This silence is broken by the singing of a Healing Hymn. A reading, which may be biblical or inspirational verse, is then read, followed by a second Hymn. The Medium will then give a short Address, followed by the Offertory Hymn. The Medium then gives a demonstration of clairvoyance after which any Notices are read out and the service is then closed with a final prayer and vesper. All music is accompanied on an electronic Hymnal.

A Healing session is held every Monday morning from 10 am till noon, led by Sheila Walesby and a team of Certified Healers.

Throughout the year, events such as Psychic Suppers and Clairvoyant Evenings are held. Development Classes are open to all who seek their own spiritual progression.
Visits to the Open Days at the Arthur Findlay College, Stanstead and the Harry Edwards Healing Centre, Shere, are organised each year.

There is a social side with a Summer Barbecue and Christmas Party with suitable entertainment at each event.
The Centre is financed entirely by fund raising and donations.
All who seek inspiration and understanding are assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Please contact us using the online form.

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