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Spiritualism is a Philosophy, Religion and Science based on the continuous existence of the soul after physical death, and the ability to communicate with it

Most Spiritualists have belonged at some time to an orthodox religion, discovering that the knowledge presented left many incomplete answers. They comprise anyone who wishes to have the freedom to explore their own understanding in order to have a better concept of life and it's origins without imposition of the views of others. This includes the encouragement of responsibility for their own attitudes and actions in life.

Christian Spiritualism has no dogma or bigotry and these are the generally accepted principles that are open to your own interpretation.

The Fatherhood of God, who is love eternal.

The Leadership of Jesus Christ.

The Belief that God manifests through the illimitable power of the Holy Spirit.

The belief in the survival of the Soul and it's individuality after physical death.

The Belief in communion with God, his Angelic Ministers and with Souls in other conditions than Earthly life.

The Belief that all forms of God's creation intermingle, are independent and evolve until perfection is attained.

The Belief in the Perfect Justice of the Divine Laws governing all life.

The Belief that sins committed can only be rectified by the sinner themselves, through the redemptive power of Jesus the Christ, by repentance and service to others.

Spiritualists accept there is a greater intelligence at the heart of the Universe, God. Some call it such as 'Great White Spirit', 'Creator', 'Life Force', but all recognise the spark of divinity within each as part of the source of universal love. This is available to all as we follow our own path at our own pace.

The basic belief is life eternal, with death being a transition to another level of existence within the Universe. Every Human body is just a method of existence in this material world, containing the spirit, which lives on, taking with it all lessons, emotions and thoughts learnt during the earthly life, to that other level.

Communication between the two levels is possible, especially where there is a very strong love link between the one on Earth and the one passed over.

The recognition of psychic faculties as another of our natural senses. These may be developed through meditation, led by an experienced Medium.

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