Past Events


Past Events

The Little Acorn Spiritualist Centre was fortunate to have Tony come to Harwich amidst his busy schedule to demonstrate an evening of mediumship.
In view of the anticipated numbers, a large hall was required so the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, one of the oldest in the country, was chosen and provided an atmospheric venue.
Tony gave excellent proff of 'life after life' in a humourous and down to earth way to an almost full house and afterwards talked to members of the audience individually.


Little Acorn celebrated it's Tenth Anniversary on 7th. May 2010 with a fabulous Evening of Clairvoyance with Keith Charles and Ivan Lee from Wimbledon Spiritualist Church, who each gave wonderful evidence of 'Life after Life', at the Kingsway Hall, Dovercourt.
Over one hundred people attended to help our celebrations, some of whom travelled from all parts of Essex and Sussex, but the furthest travelled from Geneva!

Ivan Lee : Pat Turner : Andy Tannock : Derek Robinson : Keith Charles

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